Why automated tests?

Automated tests can make testing a visual effects pipeline very fast. Ideally, you just need to press one button and wait a few seconds. New features can be developed and shipped faster with fewer bugs.

Automated tests are ubiquitous in software development; many companies use them. In visual effects, automated tests are not widely used yet for the development of visual effects pipelines. Visual effects companies could also benefit from the advantages of automated tests.

Why this website?

There are many guidelines on how to write automated tests, but none of them covers the needs of the visual effects industry, such as how to deal with DCCs and large existing codebases. This guideline is explicitly made for technical directors working in the visual effects industry. It tries to lower the point of entry for write automated tests for visual effects pipelines for them.

Let’s get started!

A few notes on this guideline

How to write automated tests

Learn to write your first test


Make writing tests easier by using mocks


Dependency Injection

A technique to easily deal with dependencies

Dealing with Dependencies

Handle dependencies in tests

The Test Pyramid

Discover how much effort you should put into which kind of test

Legacy Code

Make your life with legacy code easier


See testing techniques applied to real projects

Last modified August 24, 2020